Hello! Thank you for taking a few moments to read about me. My name is Laura Knight, and I grew up in a food-industry Italian family in the small ethnic town of Windber, PA. I attended Penn State to study business in 1995, with the hope that my area of study could be used to propel me in the arena of food.

For several years I worked as an accountant in the Washington DC area, then in December of 2008 I visited Bologna, Italy and learned the techniques used in classic pasta making. During the following January I became a culinary student at L'Academie de Cuisine where I learned classic French cooking methods. Once I completed a 6 month restaurant externship program, I graduated from the academy in December of 2009. From the experiences that I gained I realized that I enjoyed being more of a caretaker and providing customer service with more of a personal touch. Therefore in August of 2009 A Knight’s Feast was born.

As your personal chef, my goal is to make your life easier by allowing you to come home to prepared meals that you have been craving. Not only that, but I also enjoy planning themed events with special menus for friends and family gatherings, a romantic cozy evening, or even business functions. You can also count on me for fresh pet and baby foods. You have goals in life where you need time to complete them. Let me help by saving you that time and allowing you to eat the way you prefer as well.

Your family chef;
Chef Laura